"Interview with Angela Loh, Founder of UltraLuxe: Redefining Luxury Excellence"

“Interview with Angela Loh, Founder of UltraLuxe: Redefining Luxury Excellence”

The world of luxury business is a captivating realm where entrepreneurial talent and visionary insight converge to create extraordinary brands and experiences. In this article, we delve into this captivating universe through an exclusive interview with Angela Loh, the brilliant mind behind UltraLuxe. Angela, a notable figure in this industry, has charted an exceptional path and redefined the standards of excellence and exclusivity. This interview provides us with the opportunity to explore the secrets of her success, the challenges overcome along the journey, and the visions that guide her in the relentless pursuit of perfection in the luxury industry. Get ready for an inspiring immersion into Angela Loh’s world and the compelling story of UltraLuxe.

UltraLuxe is a transformational movement that brings together independent designers and artisans from around the world into a collective brand of niche luxury. How do you envision the lasting impact of this convergence of talents and brands on the luxury fashion landscape?

Independent designers bring unique creativity and passionate expressions to the world of style and sophisticated living, offering a niche luxury that sparks consciousness and connection. UltraLuxe celebrates the unwavering passion and innovative spirit of independent designers.
As the nexus of niche luxury, we host curated events, which include runway shows and community building tête-à-tête to connect designers with a wider global audience. We want to cultivate an inclusive collaborative ecosystem for global international brands and independent talents to unite and shape the future of luxury with an emphasis on “heartware” and “paying it forward”. UltraLuxe champions artistic expressions, showcasing groundbreaking creations from talented creators and artisans.

Our festival, taking place from October 13 to 22, 2023, at two locations in Singapore (Orchard Road and Resorts World Sentosa), will feature multifaceted exhibitions. By uniting luxury connoisseurs, visionary designers, and esteemed brands, we aim to not only reshape perceptions but also etch a timeless legacy in the captivating world of niche luxury.

The journey of creating an event like UltraLuxe must have been both exciting and challenging. Could you tell us about the origins and inspirations that led you to found this unique event, and how you tackled the challenges to turn this vision into a reality?

UltraLuxe is now recognized as the authoritative voice among influential and affluent individuals in the region seeking iconic contemporary styles, awe-inspiring innovation, collectible value, and wearable art in jewelry, timepieces, and lifestyle.

In 2003, I was invited by the Singapore Tourism Board to lead JewelFest as its festival director. JewelFest was a curated exhibition where international jewelers were invited to showcase their masterpieces in Singapore. However, after a few years, I decided to venture out on my own and started JeweLuxe in 2017, creating a platform for world-class independent designers and niche luxury brands to engage directly with customers. The goal was to introduce a multi-category showcase featuring both jewelry and watches, while putting independent talents and craftsmen at the forefront. Our JeweLuxe brand expanded rapidly over three years and gained global recognition as an iconic festival in Singapore, alongside other world-famous jewelry shows held in Geneva, New York, London, and Dubai.

Even during the COVID pandemic, JeweLuxe remained resilient as we pivoted to a phygital experience with a series of pop-ups around Singapore, as well as a slate of online events that saw growing sales in Singapore and beyond.

The onset of the pandemic brought about a different consumer mindset and a need for a recalibrated luxury market, leveraging a deeper appreciation for brands with compelling backstories and values that resonate with a fashion-forward audience. We renamed JeweLuxe to UltraLuxe in 2022, marking the beginning of a new chapter in luxury — one focused on transformational experiences.

Today, luxury consumers want to know more about a brand’s origin story, what inspired the design, and to understand the traditional skills, attention to detail, and dedication of the craftsmen. According to a luxury consumption study by Milieu Insight, Southeast Asia’s leading consumer research firm, the top reasons that influenced Southeast Asian consumers to consider purchasing luxury goods include superior product quality (57%), product longevity (57%), and the uniqueness of products (44%), such as design or craftsmanship.

We are truly fortunate that in 2023, we will host approximately 100 local and international designers who are drawn to the prestige of participating in UltraLuxe. Here, they can showcase their latest creations to a discerning clientele without needing to allocate millions for their marketing budget to capture the attention and engagement of a global community of supporters and collectors.

Curation plays a pivotal role in UltraLuxe, bringing forth diverse passions and talents. How do you approach the selection of designers and artisans to ensure that their creations not only meet the luxury standard but also contribute to the transformative experience you aim to offer to shoppers visiting UltraLuxe?

Successful independent brands have the heartware to deliver a consistently exceptional experience to an evolving and discerning audience who appreciate purpose, meaning and fine taste. Many of the independent talents we invite to participate at UltraLuxe are artisans who are celebrated within their home countries but remain undiscovered by the global audience. True luxury is not just about the price tag, but the story behind the piece. 

We seek out participants who have established themselves as innovators, whether it is fashion, jewellery, watches, or lifestyle. We look for creators and artisans who have a strong sense of identity and authenticity, and are able to express their vision and values through their creations. 
We also value cultural diversity and cross-cultural influences, as we believe that they enrich the luxury landscape with new perspectives and inspirations. By bringing together these exceptional talents and brands, we are able to offer shoppers at UltraLuxe a transformative experience as they form meaningful connections with the creators and artisans on a personal level.

UltraLuxe promises to deliver an elevated luxury experience, not only through niche propositions but also through the pursuit of personal connection and self-actualization. How do you envision shoppers engaging with the designers and creations in a way that goes beyond the act of purchase?

Supporting independent designers allow shoppers to acquire meaningful, one-of-a-kind items infused with personal stories. Our approach to luxury is offering not just exclusivity and indulgence, but also a deeper meaning and value to the discerning shopper. By inviting multi-sector brands, designers, and talents to meet and network with prominent personalities and changemakers from the region who actively give back to society, we are collectively raising the bar on sustainability and steering the conversation towards value-driven sophisticated style, fashion and living.

As UltraLuxe grows in popularity and influence, how do you envision the event evolving in the future? Are there new elements or directions you hope to explore to maintain UltraLuxe’s uniqueness and relevance in the ever-changing landscape of fashion and luxury?

Our journey doesn’t stop – UltraLuxe is a festival that captures the spirit of the times. This year – we have expanded to two locations, with Singapore Watch Fair taking place at Resorts World Singapore, and at our flagship Tent on Orchard Road at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, we are hosting two new exhibitions:  Homme, a showcase-cum-social space for modern gentlemen to discover trending gadgets, fashion and spirits, and Ultimate LuxeScape presented by CIMB Bank, our interpretation of a new landscape of niche luxury. Stay tuned for more details on what we will unveil in the upcoming weeks – join our movement at www.ultraluxe.io.

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