Who we are

A meeting place for the Brazilian community outside Brazil

We are the first global platform that connects products and services of BRAZILIAN companies with Brazilians living abroad.

We have created a space totally dedicated to you who are looking for services and products from Brazilians around the world.

The platform is simple and intuitive, and will help many Brazilians who search for some type of product or service provided by other Brazilian entrepreneurs around the world.

Find products and services around the world from BRAZILIANS for BRAZILIANS. Here you will find restaurants, bars, catering services, chefs, dance schools, academies, musicians and bands, travel agencies, tour guides, hotels, holiday rentals Brazilian supermarkets, clothes shops, beauty and aesthetics clinics, manicures, construction, renovation, health professionals, therapists, specialized professionals, consultants, among many others.
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Our History

Launched in June 2021, Brazil Away, has the purpose to PROMOTE professional relationships of Brazilian companies creating connections between the entire BRAZILIAN COMMUNITY around the world.
Our mission is to promote quality networking and contribute to foster economic and financial growth of Brazilian companies from the dissemination of their products/services to the Brazilian community.

Why use the Brazil Away platform?

Easy to use

Daily challenges abroad? The solution is just a click away. Search for a Brazilian professional in your location and contact us through our website.

Rated by users

To choose between several professionals, check the ratings and comments left by other users like you.

Benefits Club

Access our benefits club, an exclusive area with promotions and benefits for you that are looking for a product or service outside of Brazil! Find promotions from Brazilian companies and Brazil Away partner companies.


We are your home away from home, and we seek this connection between Brazilians abroad. Meet stories that inspire, success stories of Brazilian companies, social projects and everything that happens around the world with Brazilians. Access our area of Magazine Brazil Away.