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Brazil Expat, creating connectivity and opportunities for Brazilians worldwide.

If you are a Brazilian with companies abroad and want to give greater visibility to your company, product, or service, in a way directed to the growing community of Brazilians that lives around the world, this is your place.

Come be part of this global force that inspires, connects, and strengthens the Brazilian community around the world.

How do Brazilians look for help?

When arriving in a new country, or even after having lived there for some time or traveled for tourism, Brazilians are ALWAYS searching for PRODUCTS or SERVICES provided by fellow Brazilians. They greatly value REFERENCES to identify the RIGHT companies.

With a simple SEARCH on our site, you gain ACCESS to all BRAZILIAN companies spread across the world!

Your company in Brazil Expat Business

By JOINING the Brazil Expat business platform you EXPAND your BUSINESS and PROMOTE the VISIBILITY of your SERVICES and PRODUCTS to BRAZILIANS abroad. 

You PUT your product or service in a big VITRINE for MILLIONS of Brazilians who are just WAITING for you.

Discover the benefits for your company!

Register your company

To register your business, create your profile. Add information and images that can be updated whenever you wish.


Add images and expand your company's visibility. Let your customers get a better idea of your business!


Get comments from your visitors or customers and respond to them.

Statistics and Reports

Evaluate the performance of your business, from your own control panel.


Receive messages within our platform, directly in your control panel, and in your email.


Select some of the services offered by your company. For example. WiFi, Free parking, Home delivery, etc.


Create several menus! For example. Salads, starters, drinks, etc.

Claim your company on the site

If you find your company is already registered on our site and you want to update your information, images and manage your access, click on the claim button and, after approval, you can manage your registration.


Let your customers know your opening hours. Add it easily.


We are constantly developing to always improve our platform.